Nov 22, 2021

‘I Took a DNA Test and Found a New Family’: The Drama and Joy of Meeting Long-Lost Relatives

Millions of people do not know who their parent (or parents) were. That is one of the reasons why taking DNA tests has become so popular: trying to find “matches” with previously unknown relatives, especially parents.

An article by Michael Segalov published in The Guardian describes several stories relating to just such searches: Now adult children discovering (for the first time) their father,

Typical responses include:

“Dad needed me as much as I needed him. Being his only child, meanwhile, worked out perfectly for me; after 35 years apart, selfishly, I didn’t want to share him.

“We live together now. He’s more than just a father, he’s a best friend. In a matter of months he went from total stranger to being one of the most important people in my life; the same for my children.”

Another response:

“I didn’t intend to find my father, but my roots. Opening the results was one the most shocking moments of my life – apparently I’m exactly half Afghan. Lower down the page was a long list of cousins.”

If you want to read some heart-warming stories, read “‘I took a DNA test and found a new family’: the drama and joy of meeting long-lost relatives” by Michael Segalov at

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