May 31, 2023

If You’re Sleepless in the Summer — You Can Blame Your Cavemen Ancestors

Hey!  I need someone to blame! Why not my ancestors?

An interesting article by Hillary Andrews has ben published in the New York Post web site:

If you love summer but can’t get enough sleep with the warm temperatures and longer days, you are not alone. 

There is a medical reason why late spring and summer have you tossing and turning instead of snoozing.

Dr. Sampson Davis, an emergency medical physician, said you can blame your caveman ancestors.

“The thing with sleep, which is interesting, is that we’re used to cooling environments, cave-like,” Davis said. “We need it to be cool, dark and uninterrupted. What happens with the summertime – it’s hot, and the days are longer. So that hormone called melatonin, which is released when the sun goes down tends to be released later, which makes summer sleeping a little bit more difficult.”

You can read the full article at: