Feb 28, 2023

I’ll Be Traveling for a Few Days

Starting tomorrow, I will leave home and fly to Salt Lake City. I plan to attend RootsTech, the big genealogy conference. 

RootsTech has been noted in the past as being the largest genealogy gathering in the world. I suspect the same will be true this year, despite the fact that the world is recuperating from the covid pandemic. While the attendance may not be as large as past years, I suspect it will still be the largest genealogy conference of 2023.

I’ll be traveling with a MacBook laptop computer and I’ll also be carrying an audio recorder, and a camera. I hope to capture some of the show’s highlights digitally and will provide them in this newsletter’s web site in the following days.

I expect to spend most all day Wednesday in the air and will be rather busy at the conference on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday will again be spent in the air as I fly home. 

Since I will be busy, I expect to post fewer articles to the newsletter during the next few days. Most of the articles I do post will probably be about the RootsTech conference. 

If you are planning to be at the RootsTech conference, I’ll see you there! If you see me walking through the hallways, flag me down and say “Hello!” (I’ll be wearing “the hat.”) If you are not at the conference, you can read about it at

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