Sep 1, 2023

I’m back!

This is a quick note to announce that I think I am back in operation from my recent hospitalization and recuperation. I am not back to “my old self” but I do feel better than I did for the past week or so.

I want to thank everyone for posting the “get well soon” comments. There is no way that I can reply to every one. However, I have read everyone and I want to say a heartfelt “Thank You” for each.

I will add one comment. Several folks suggested I seek medical help. Indeed, I did just that. I lost count but think I saw at least a dozen different doctors, most of them specialists of one sort or another. It is because of their excellent care that I am back within a week. I cannot offer enough “thanks” to all the excellent medical care I had.

I do think my return to writing this newsletter will be a bit slow to begin with but I hope to be back to full speed before long.

Again, thanks for all the well wishes.

 – Dick Eastman