Sep 14, 2021

Imaging Unit Digitizes Land Grant Microfilm for North Carolina Historical Records Online

This may be useful if your ancestors were among the first to settle North Carolina. According to an article by Ruth Cody and published by the North Carolina State Archives at

“The Imaging Unit has been hard at work digitizing microfilm of land grant loose documents for NC Historical Records Online, a nonprofit run website that provides public access to images of original records and other relevant information for North Carolina historical and genealogical research.

“The site has now met the half million mark for the number of images uploaded and available. The State Archives is thrilled that our records can now reach a new audience with this online capability.

Land grants are some of the earliest records of landholdings in the State Archives dating back to 1693. If you are interested in researching land grants, you can check out the uploads to NC Historical Records online, or you can come visit us at the State Archives where we will be happy to help you in the search room. Land grants are also indexed in our online database and can be requested through our online portal.”