Feb 22, 2023

‘Inaccessible’ RTÉ Archives in Ireland to be Made More Open to the Public Under Proposed Legislation

RTÉ Archives could be made more open to the public under proposed new laws.

The current archive is “inaccessible and prohibitive” according to Green TD Patrick Costello.

Members of the public, as well as academics and other broadcasters, must request material which was broadcast on RTÉ television and may even have to pay a fee to obtain the footage or photographs.

However, the operation of the archives may be revamped if the Government decide to support Mr Costello’s bill and open it up to the public.

Academics will also have greater use of the archives to facilitate their research.

The RTÉ Archives website states video footage and photographs, owned by RTÉ, can be made available for broadcasting, research, educational use, private use or for other professional purposes.

For members of the public, the State broadcaster gives “limited access” to the archives through its Archive Sales team.

“Subject to copyright status and availability of resources, RTÉ provides limited access to RTÉ Archives through the RTÉ Archive Sales team. We can also supply photographic images from RTÉ Stills Library collection,” the RTÉ Archives website states.

“Material is made available on the strict understanding that it is for private use only.”

You can read more in an article by Gabija Gataveckaite published in the MSN web site at:

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