Jun 18, 2021

Indianapolis Public Library Reveals Digital Archive of Indy Parks History

More than 16,000 photos, videos, and historical documents detailing the history of Indianapolis Parks are now available to view on The Indianapolis Public Library’s website.

The Indy Parks and Recreation Digital Collection is the newest addition to the Library’s Digital Indy archive, which includes collections of documents, images, videos, and recordings that highlight local history. Digital Indy’s content may be printed or downloaded free for personal use, study, or research.

The new Indy Parks collection includes photographs of 86 parks and golf courses, videos of historic events such as the U. S. Women’s Olympic Swimming Trials at Broad Ripple Park, and board meeting minutes ranging from 1908-2017. Community events, performances, and groundbreaking ceremonies make up the bulk of the collection, offering a unique visual record of Indianapolis’s past.

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