Sep 20, 2022

Introducing GenoPalate: Your New Genomic Nutrition Journey

Ready to discover a healthier you? Order your analysis and use the GenoPalate app to start eating for your genes.

GenoPalate is a rather new web site that will appeal to many people, genealogists and non-genealogists alike. The company analyzes your genome and provides the DNA-based nutrition guidance you need to become your healthiest self. The plan is to create a list of foods and nutrient recommendations that are best for your DNA. So, how does that work?

According to the GenoPalate web site:

First, your unique genetic results are analyzed and compared to peer reviewed research studies that have shown positive health outcomes in people with similar genetics.

Additionally, the company looks at how your body metabolizes certain nutrients. This analysis provides recommendations for 20+ nutrients (including your macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals), insights on your potential sensitivity to lactose and gluten, as well as your metabolic rate of caffeine and alcohol.

Next, your genetic analysis and nutrient recommendations are compared to GenoPalate’s food database. Foods are selected for you based on how well they match your genetic-based nutritional profile. Your personalized list of foods will have the highest amount of the nutrients that may benefit you the most.

According to Sherry Zhang, PhD-Molecular Biology, Founder and CEO of GenoPalate:

“Let’s Unlock Your Genetic Mysteries Together

“I still vividly remember how the idea of GenoPalate planted its seed in my mind and heart. One morning, I was in the lab reviewing some exciting genomic sequencing results just coming out of the “oven.” We identified an obesity gene that could tell us if people were at higher risks for gaining weight. That day, I got the “itch” that I could create a DNA nutrition test to help people learn about their biology so they could make better health decisions.

“I developed a number of technologies that enabled us to research genetic variations in the human genome responsible for all kinds of individual characteristics that affect the quality of life and health. My knowledge of how human genomics influences people’s food metabolism eventually became the proprietary genetic testing technology that powers GenoPalate. With it, we translate people’s DNA into personal needs for nutrition and metabolic health.”

GenoPalate’s services are available at 3 price levels:

Starting at $79, a comprehensive analysis, will discover your individual, DNA-based needs so you can set the foundation for a healthier diet and lifestyle. It includes:

Get a genetic-based, personalized nutrition analysis for an optimal diet

Uncover sensitivities to lactose, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol

Discover 100+ foods that work best for your DNA

Reveal genetic-based eating predispositions and stress responses

Starting at $199, your genetic insights are used to level up your health with DNA-based nutritional guidance. You’ll meet with a Registered Dietitian to discuss your test results and actionable steps you can use to tackle your health and wellness goals. It includes:

Everything included in the $79 test plus:

Initial 1-on-1 consultation with a Registered Dietitian to help you analyze your results and learn how to integrate your report into your lifestyle

Together, talk about your weight, diet, exercise, hydration, and sleep goals

Finally, starting at $349, GenoPalate will create a plan to achieve your health and wellness goals, and get the support you need to stick to it. You’ll partner with a Registered Dietitian in a 4-week program where you’ll leverage your comprehensive DNA insights and receive personalized nutrition guidance.It includes:

Everything included in the lower-cost tests plus:

Three additional 1-on-1 follow-up sessions with a Registered Dietitian (4 total)

Together, design and optimize a well-rounded, sustainable plan that can help you achieve your weight, diet, exercise, hydration, and sleep goals

Five personalized recipes to support your plan and health goals

How well does all this work? I have no idea as this information is all new to me. However, if you have used the services of GenoPalate, please post a comment in the comments section below this article describing your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product.

You can learn more at

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