Jan 10, 2022

Ireland’s Trinity College Dublin Begins 90 Million Euro Renovation

I just moved a few weeks ago. As tiring and expensive as that was, I cannot imagine the effort required for a €90 million ($ 102,000,000+ U.S. dollars) move!

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland is preparing to move its treasury of 750,000 books prior to the restoration of the 300 year old building. The library contains some of Europe’s most treasured volumes, including the ornately decorated ninth-century Book of Kells.

Plans for the five year restoration set the price at €90 million.

“Moving 750,000 vulnerable books is quite an undertaking, so we are having to pilot everything to see what is involved,” said Trinity College librarian and archivist Helen Shenton.

Officials note that every book must be examined, dusted, carefully cleaned and repaired, if required.

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