Divorce Index 1825-1950

The Larimer County Divorce Index (1825-1950) is listed by surnames in alphabetical order with the plaintiff and defendants given names, court filing year, book #, and case #.

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This index was compiled, alphabetized, and typed by volunteers from the Larimer County Genealogical Society during the year 2005. Due to privacy concerns, all divorce records are protected after 1950. For divorce records after 1950, please contact the Larimer County Distrct Court Office at 970-498-6102.

This database is copyrighted and may not be distributed for sale without the express permission of the Larimer County District Court or the Larimer County Genelaogical Society. Contact our Publications Chair for more info.

Please note that prior to 1909, Larimer County comprised of both Jackson and Larimer Counties. As a result, several of the divorce names appearing in the Index may actually have actually lived in what is now Jackson County.

Although great care has been taken, the Larimer County Genealogical Society and the Larimer County District Court Office do not guarantee accuracy for any divorce record in this index. If you find any errors or have additional information, please send an email by selecting the Email Publications Chair with “Divorce Index Error” in the subject line.

This index is also available in book form. Please see our Publications Page for more details.

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