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Grantee Grantor Nature of Instrument Time of Reception Vol. Page
O’Connell, Bridget Hollam, Patrick Quit Claim July 1, 1866 B 207,208
O’Hara, Patrick Graham, Clinton D. Warranty Deed Dec 26, 1871 D 387
Omley, Peter McCarty, Micheal Warranty Deed Apr 6, 1868 B 298,299
Ordway, Lafayette Fritts, E. D. Quit Claim July 28, 1863 A 107
Orr, James H. Colorado Territory Land Declaration Aug 11, 1870 D 287,288
Osburn, Va. B. United States Land Patent Jan 6, 1868 B 259,260
Osburn, William B. Eaglin, James M. Quit Claim Jan 21, 1868 B 268,269
Osburn, Wm. B. Stover, Jane M., Mrs. Deed of Trust Mar 15, 1869 B 412-415
Osgood, Frank Colorado Territory Mining Claim May 2, 1867 C 96
Otis, George K. United States Preemption Oct 15, 1864 B 158