This is the beginning of a project to digitize obituaries published in Larimer County publications. This index links to digital images of obituaries cut from the Fort Collins’ Coloradoan from March 1988 to August of 2002. More images are being uploaded to the web site, as they become available.

This database is copyrighted and may not be distributed for sale in any format without the express permission of the Larimer County Genealogical Society or its contributors. Email our Publications Chair for more info.

The index is by last name followed by first name and date the obituary appeared in the paper. Click on the name to see the image of the obituary.

Please Note: The Coloradoan Newspaper, has online archives from January 16, 2003 to present. Their archives contain other articles in addition to obits that may be useful to researchers. The search is free, but there is a charge to access articles. Their website details several methods of accessing the articles, buying individual articles, subscribing, etc. New articles are free for the first seven days. You can access these archives at the Coloradoan website. Click on the Archives tab above the search box at the top of the page, enter your keywords in the search box, then click the Go button.

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In addition, please visit this website for explanation of those older medical terms found in obituaries at Archaic Medical Terms Website.

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