Jul 29, 2019

Last Chance for Early Bird Registration for C4aC

July 29, 2019

Early bird registration for LCGS’ fifth annual Conference for a Cause ends later this week on July 31. That means if you want to take advantage of the $50 price, you’ll need to go to the LCGS website and register online for the conference. After July 31, you can still register, but you’ll need to pay $55.


If you haven’t already registered, I’m sure it’s just an oversight or maybe your plans just haven’t firmed up enough to allow you to register. It just can’t be that you’re willing to miss this chance to see Judy Russell, the well-known Legal Genealogist, up close and personal at the Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland on September 28. After all, for a measly $50 ($55 after next Wednesday) you’ll have the opportunity to listen to one of the top genealogical speakers in the nation right here in Larimer County.


As LCGS president Glenn York mentioned at the last LCGS General Meeting, $50 is a pittance when it comes to seeing a speaker of Judy’s caliber. If you were to go to one of the national conferences where Judy is speaking, it would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to have the same opportunity. I know that for a fact since I attended Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank, California earlier this summer and will be attending the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference in Washington, DC later this summer. Judy was and will be a speaker at both of these conferences, and while I consider both of these conferences to be bargains because of the value of the lectures, interactions with other genealogists and fascinating exhibit halls where many genealogical companies sell and demonstrate their wares, you can get many of the same benefits at our local conference without spending hundreds on airfare and even more hundreds on hotel rooms.


As a further enticement, this year’s C4aC will offer you a chance to win one of a large number of fantastic door prizes. Last year we gave away several thousand dollars’ worth of prizes, and this year’s roster of prizes promises to be equally exciting. We’ll be giving away everything from DNA test kits to free subscriptions to some of the big-name databases such as and Find My Past. As past C4aC presenter Blaine Bettinger exclaimed, “You guys give away great door prizes!” If someone like Blaine, who presents at all of the big name conferences, thinks are prizes are worthwhile, you can bet that they really are.


So what are you waiting for? Just go to and register today. You’ll be glad you did.


Carol Stetser

Researcher/Director at Large