Dec 20, 2021

Lawyers in Class Action Level Personal Attack Against Blackstone CEO

Plaintiff lawyers hurled a personal attack on Blackstone Investment Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman in a proposed class action proceeding in federal court. 

Local counsel Gregory Shevlin pleaded that Schwarzman “has a notorious reputation for doing more harm to everyday consumers than good.” 

He cited as his sole source an article in Housing is a Human Right under headlines of “sins of Blackstone” and “modern day robber baron.” 

He and four colleagues claim Blackstone violated rights of Ancestry DNA customers in Illinois when it bought Ancestry DNA last year. 

They sued Blackstone for Carolyn Bridges of St. Clair County at circuit court in July. 

They propose a class action seeking statutory damages of $15,000 per person for reckless violation of the state’s Genetic Information Privacy Act. 

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