Sep 10, 2021

LCGS to Remain Virtual

September 10, 2021

Larimer County Genealogical Society planned to return to in-person monthly meetings starting this month. Plans were also in the works for one-on-one sessions and Saturday Classes to be held in person as well. Sadly, the Delta variant surge in Larimer County has put paid to those plans.


As of last week the LCGS Board agreed that all Society activities will continue to be virtual only through the end of the year. At that time, re-evaluation will occur, although it’s probable that activities will be virtual only through next spring.


Fortunately, members and visitors to LCGS will still be able to access a wide array of programs, one-on-one help sessions and three-hour Saturday workshops via their computers. Check the LCGS website at for more information on the various activities available. There’s a lot there, and I’m sure something will fit your needs.


Some members of our genealogical community do not like to drive after dark, particularly during the winter months. The Society now has a number out-of-area members who are unable to attend in person. For these folks, a hybrid system will continue even after in-person meetings and classes resume. Those who want to attend in person will be able to do so, but those who are unable to do so will be able to attend virtually.


In addition, the monthly meetings are recorded, so members can access them at their convenience. Due to limitations imposed by speakers, most are only available for a limited time period after the meeting – usually just over three weeks. The recorded meetings are a great convenience for members like me who have a slower internet connection. I often lose my connection during Zoom meetings, but the recorded versions of the meetings do not have the same issues and are usually easily watchable.


As a longtime member of LCGS, I’m aware of how lucky we are to have the capability of continuing to attend meetings virtually. Had the pandemic occurred when I first joined, this wouldn’t have been the case. I appreciate the effort and planning it takes for our Society officers to make sure that the meetings run smoothly.


That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t miss our in-person activities. For me, one of the best parts of belonging to the Society has always been the opportunity to talk with other folks who are passionate about genealogy. I spent many an evening after a meeting outside wherever we were meeting swatting at mosquitoes or shivering in the cold wind, reluctant to head home. I heard of research triumphs and frustrations and shared my own. I’m sure I learned more from those talks than I ever did from a speaker or a class, although those were always helpful, even if just to reinforce what I already knew. Thanks to the time I spent just talking, I formed friendships that led to research trips to Salt Lake with some members and trips to national and regional conferences with still others.


I’m grateful for the online activities we can still hold, and I certainly don’t want to risk my health or anyone else’s by meeting in person. But I can’t wait until it’s safe for us all to join together again. I’ve got a lot of stories to share, and I bet you have some too.


Till we meet again,


Carol Stetser