Aug 6, 2021

Legacy Family Tree Webinars – Worth a Watch!

August 6, 2021

If you haven’t taken advantage of genealogy webinars in the past, now is an especially good time to give them a try. For most of us, Covid has put paid to any idea of attending in-person seminars and even local genealogy society meetings (even those of us who are fully vaccinated are wary of the new variants). Virtual seminars and workshops have filled the void to a certain extent, but for those of us with less than state-of-the-art internet connections, our Wi-Fi leads to frustration.


Enter genealogy webinars. Webinars tend to be shorter (usually about an hour and a half), and there is less live interaction between the presenter and the audience. In my experience, this results in fewer dropped connections. Unlike longer seminars and workshops which are often not available as recordings, webinars are almost always available on-demand after the day of the presentation. This makes them even more accessible for those with slower connections. Plus, I tend to like to watch webinars at my convenience – which is sometimes at 2:00 am!


Even before the pandemic genealogy webinars were common; the pandemic has just given them a boost. You can access them on many genealogy websites, but I find Legacy Family Tree Webinars the best (https://familytreewebinars ). There are a variety of reasons for this.


To start,  I enjoy the fact that I can watch the webinars in different ways. I can either watch them live as they are being presented or view the recorded version at my convenience. The live webinars do offer the chance to ask questions, but the convenience of recorded sessions is a plus for some of us. The live webinars are free, and the recorded version is free for the first week after the webinar is presented. After that, you will need a subscription to the website.


Annual subscriptions are $49.95, which is a bargain considering that the Legacy Webinar Library holds over 1500 separate webinars. The webinars cover almost any genealogical subject you can imagine. They include presentations on researching in a wide range of countries, presentations on technical issues that genealogists face as well as presentations on various record types. It’s worth browsing the library just to see what’s available. It’s almost overwhelming to see so many excellent programs offered in one place.


Even more exciting than the variety of programs is the variety of speakers who present them. Almost any genealogical speaker that you can think of from Judy Russell to Tom Jones to Elizabeth Shown Mills to lesser known speakers who deserve a wider audience have webinars available. All of the webinars also include a handout to help you get the most from them.


If all of this is not enough reason to subscribe to Legacy Family Tree Webinars, September is going to add even more reasons to watch. Legacy is running a special program called “Webtember.” It will include 30 new live and pre-recorded webinars which will be available on all four Fridays in September. If you prefer, you can watch the recordings at your convenience through the end of September. All you have to do is register at . As an extra bonus, the whole month’s worth of programs will be free for everyone.


It’s a great time to try Legacy Webinars. If you’re like me, once you’ve tried one, you’ll be hooked and find it impossible to resist watching many more of them. Your genealogy skills can only benefit if you do.


Carol Stetser

Researcher/Director at Large