Jan 31, 2019

Library Databases

Published January 31, 2019

It’s amazing to me that more genealogists don’t use the local library genealogy databases from their home. With the exception of Ancestry’s Library Edition, which cannot be accessed from your home, most major libraries offer one or two other genealogy databases, which can be accessed from your home computer using a library card.

The most popular genelaogy database available only at major libraries is the Ancestry Library Edition. It includes over 9,500 record collections across the world. It also includes many family tress too. Sadly, it cannot be accessed from home.

These two following databases, if offered from your library, can be accessed from your home.

The other popular library database is MyHeritage Library Edition, which includes over 6 billion records across the world. It includes over 1.5 billion trees, 80 million photos, and many British records too.

The last library genealogy database is HeritageQuest Online, which basically uses several of’s record collections on Census, Military, Immigration and Naturalization records, and Social Security Death Index. They also include Freedman’s Bank records (1865-1874) for African descent, genealogy and local history books, and PERSI records.

So if you don’t have a home subscription and need to access to several genealogy databases, go to the library and use their computers or obtain a FREE library card from a local library that offers genealogy databases and have fun researching at home!

If your local library doesn’t offer these genealogy databases, don’t worry as you can obtain a library card from a library that does. If living in Colorado, you can stop by any major library that has these databases and obtain a library card with your Colorado driver’s license. I’m sure other state’s libraries offer the same. Enjoy researching from your home!

Bob Larson
LCGS Education Chair