Mar 4, 2022

Live Story Video Explains the New Offering from MyHeritage

At RootsTech, MyHeritage announced the new Live Story, a new means of adding stories to your family tree in a manner that looks like (and sounds like) your ancestor is speaking… LIVE! I wrote about this in yesterday’s newsletter at

Trying to properly describe a new video product in a text-base description is challenging, to say the least. Luckily, MyHeritage has now released a video that shows Live Story in action.

The incredible Live Story feature from MyHeritage takes the facts and photos in your tree and transforms them into an animated video of an ancestor telling his or her own life story. In the video, Tal Erlichman, Director of Product Management at MyHeritage, introduces this futuristic feature and shows you how to use it to give voice to your ancestors’ stories.

You can watch the video at

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