Jun 22, 2023

Long-Lost Sisters Separated for 60 Years United After Surprising DNA Test

Julie Mamo and Julie Ansell had no idea the other one existed until their nephew, Jason Fisher, became curious about his heritage and decided to do a £35 ($44.57 US Dollars) MyHeritage DNA test.

Two sisters who had no idea the other existed have been united after spending more than 60 years apart, thanks to a surprising DNA test.

Julie Mamo, now 66, was born in Dover in 1956 and adopted at nine days old after her mother, Lillian Fisher, then 17 and unmarried, felt pressure to give her up.

She later moved to Australia with her adoptive parents, Mavis and David Holland.

Ms Fisher went on to have four more children including another daughter, Julie Ansell, now 64, who lives in St Margaret’s Bay, Kent.

The sisters – now known as “Julie 1” and “Julie 2”, were finally brought together after their nephew, Jason Fisher, embarked on a quest to discover his heritage.

Now they are determined to make up for the lost decades.

Ms Ansell recalled her mother, who has now died, telling her aged 12 that she had previously given up a baby for adoption.

Ms Mamo said: “It’s surreal still even though we are together now, it’s still really unreal, it’s beautiful.”

A DNA test on genealogy website,, revealed how Mr Fisher had a 90% match with Ms Mamo – who was unknown to him at the time.

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