Feb 22, 2023

Make Old Low-Resolution Images Look Great on Linux With Upscayl

Got a low-quality photo album that you want to upscale with the power of AI? Upscayl is what you need on your Linux machine.

With the latest generation of phones, we’re used to having images automatically sharpened, upscaled, and otherwise polished to perfection by machine learning models and on-device neural nets.

Older photos or those taken without advanced hardware have suffered in comparison. Upscayl runs on your Linux machine and uses AI models to sharpen and upscale low-resolution images into ultra HD.

Camera technology has advanced immensely in the two centuries since the first heliographic engravings, and older images usually don’t compare well with photos taken on the latest iPhone.

Most images in 2023 are digital and are viewed on screens where you can zoom in on the tiniest details. In analog photos scanned at even the highest settings available 20 years ago, the details can be unclear, and the pixel count is still lower than those taken by even some budget smartphones.

It’s even worse with digital photos from the early 2000s. Those beautiful sunsets and wedding photos may have looked fabulous when 800×600 was the pinnacle of screen resolution, but today, they barely cover a corner of your 4k gaming monitor.

Zooming in or resizing renders the image ugly, and exposes compression artifacts that you don’t want to see.

Upscayl Makes Your Old Pictures Look Fantastic

Fortunately, the same kind of machine learning and image enhancement carried out by high-end phones, can be carried out on your Linux PC.

You can read more in an article by David Rutland published in the MakeUseOf web site at:

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