Feb 17, 2023

Museum of American Revolution to Present Rare Documents From Black, Indigenous Soldiers, for Free Viewing

Patriots of color are getting their time to shine as once forgotten documents re-emerge in the public eye, in a special way. Nearly 200 rare documents bearing names of Black and Indigenous soldiers who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution will soon be on display for all to see, for free.

“I think the fact that now through Ancestry we’ll be able to have these so widely available is fantastic,” said Aimee Newell, the museum’s director of collections and exhibitions.

She says these documents — which will allow so many people of color to connect with a piece of their heritage they never knew about — will also give insight into army life at the time.

“There are handwritten receipts about men receiving a blanket from the selectmen of their town, a lot of pay vouchers, all kinds of really interesting tidbits,” she said.

You can read more in an article by Justin Udo published in the web site at:

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