Dec 16, 2022

MyHeritage Adds new AI Time Machine™ Avatars

From the MyHeritage Blog:

AI Time Machine™, our successful new feature that allows you to picture yourself throughout history, keeps getting better. We’re happy to announce that due to popular demand, the available themes in AI Time Machine™ have been expanded to include a new category: AI avatars. In addition to the historical (time travel) themes offered since its launch, you can now create AI avatars in dozens of stunning themes. See yourself rendered as a pencil sketch or animated character, as a World Cup soccer player, and in more original, fun themes. If you’ve already taken AI Time Machine™ for a spin, you can generate the new themes on an existing model, or upload a new set of photos to create dazzling avatars. Avatars are perfect for sharing with your family and friends or for using as your profile photo on social media.

You can read more and also see examples of the new avatars at:

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