Jul 5, 2021

MyHeritage Announces: An Update to the Theory of Family Relativity™ — Confirm or Reject Theories

The Theory of Family Relativity™ feature on MyHeritage incorporates genealogical information from all the company’s historical records and family tree profiles to offer theories on how your DNA Matches might be related to you. While the theories presented are often accurate, sometimes, they are incorrect. Before now, there was no way to confirm or reject a theory. Now there is! This new functionality will allow MyHeritage users to systematically review their theories and mark the ones they’ve already looked at so they can focus on new ones.

By the way, we also recently introduced a new filter to the DNA Match pages: Genetic Groups. You can now filter your DNA Match list according to the Genetic Groups your matches belong to.

Full details, including step-by-step instructions, may be found in the MyHeritage Blog at:

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