Jun 29, 2022

MyHeritage Announces New Update to Theory of Family Relativity

The following is an excerpt from the MyHeritage Blog:

We’re excited to share that we’ve just completed an additional update to the data for our ultimate genetic genealogy tool, Theory of Family Relativity™.

Theory of Family Relativity™ can save you countless hours of work figuring out how you might be related to your DNA Matches. It pulls together billions of data points from across the 86 million family trees and 18.2 billion historical records on MyHeritage to bring you plausible theories about your relationship paths to your DNA Matches.

These calculations are run on a periodic basis. Since our last update, many new DNA kits, family tree profiles, and historical records have been added to MyHeritage. This means that the number of theories, the number of DNA Matches that include a theory, and the number of kits that have a theory have all increased significantly.

If your DNA results came in relatively recently, or if you’ve been waiting to receive a theory, there’s a good chance you might receive one as a result of this update.

The new update by the numbers

As a result of this new update:

25,636,711 Theories of Family Relativity™ were added

328,439 kits that didn’t have any theories previously now have at least one

233,297 additional users will have at least one theory following this update

Note that in this update, we only added new theories and did not update any theories that existed previously.

Viewing and analyzing your Theories of Family Relativity™

To view your Theories of Family Relativity™, visit your DNA Match page. The relationship calculated by the theory will appear directly on the match card of a DNA Match that has a theory. New theories will be labeled with a “NEW” banner for 30 days after this update.

There is a lot more info available at: