Jul 20, 2023

MyHeritage Celebrates 365 Historical Record Collections Added or Updated During 365 Days

The following announcement was written by MyHeritage:

We’re thrilled to announce a monumental achievement at MyHeritage. Over the past year, we’ve added a grand total of 347 new collections and updated 18 collections to our ever-growing database of historical records! That’s right — an average of one collection added or updated per day for an entire year, with a total of 373 million records added. Our dedicated team has worked relentlessly to keep adding new, rich, and diverse collections to help our users make breakthroughs in their genealogy research.

The collections include a wide variety of record types from all over the world — and any single record among these millions could be the key to toppling your genealogical “brick wall”, paving the way to learning more about your ancestors.

The addition of these new collections, plus updates to existing ones, has significantly expanded our database. We’re making great strides in our commitment to providing you with the best resources for your family history research.

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To celebrate this milestone, we’d love to shine a spotlight on some of the valuable collections added or updated this year from across the globe that you can find on MyHeritage: 

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