Mar 16, 2021

MyHeritage Offers Complete Subscription Plans to 5 Lucky Winners Who Share Their Favorite Animations Created With Deep Nostalgia™

MyHeritage seems to be having great success with the new Deep Nostalgia™ that creates colorized animations from black-and-white photos you may have in your collection. 50 million animations have been created in just 18 days!

The company now has launched the #DeepNostalgiaChallenge, offering a free MyHeritage Complete plan to 5 lucky winners who share their favorite animations created with Deep Nostalgia™. The contest runs until March 31, so if you haven’t entered yet, you still have a chance! Click here to read more about the challenge and to learn how to enter.

You can also read a lot more about Deep Nostalgia™ in the MyHeritage Blog at:

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