Oct 4, 2021

MyHeritage User’s Story Featured on CNN

I found this to be an interesting story and decided to share it. Here is a notice I received from MyHeritage:

“Not long ago, our Research team encountered an extraordinary story from Karolina Jurzyk, a user who grew up in Poland. Karolina’s grandfather had told her that her great-grandfather rescued a pair of sisters from the Nazis, and risked his life to hide them in his home for 2 years. The sisters later wrote letters of thanks to Karolina’s great-grandfather, which he saved. After her grandfather showed her the letters, Karolina decided to find out what became of the two sisters. Using MyHeritage, she was able to locate and connect with their descendants. Following its original publication on CNN, the story captured international attention, and we could not be more grateful and proud to have been part of it.””

Read the full story of this remarkable discovery on the MyHeritage Blog at

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