Nov 3, 2022

Nearly 50 Years After Murder, the ‘Lady of the Dunes’ Is Identified Thanks to DNA and Genetic Genealogy

The F.B.I. has announced that a badly mutilated body found nearly 50 years ago in the dunes of Provincetown, Massachusetts, was that of Ms. Terry, who was 37 and originally from Tennessee. The F.B.I also identified a (still living) son of the deceased who never met his mother.

Ruth Marie Terry of Tennessee disappeared in the early 1970s. Photo courtesy of the FBI.

The authorities also are seeking information about a man, now deceased, named Guy Rockwell Muldavin, whom Ms. Terry was believed to have married shortly before she was murdered.

You can read all about this interesting story in an article by Michael Levenson published in the New York Times at

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