Jan 27, 2022

New Database Documents Every Grave in Lubavitch, Russia

A new database is enabling users to search and find matzeivos of those buried in the Jewish cemetery in the town of Lubavitch in Russia.

For the past several years, the Lubavitch Organization in Russia, under the leadership of shliach Rabbi Gavriel Gordon, has been conducting research and restoration work at the historic Jewish cemetery in Lubavitch. Hundreds of matzeivos were uncovered, raised, cleaned and restored.

Following the restoration work, the organization set out to compile a database of all the matzeivos and names of those who are buried at the site. The project is fully sponsored by philanthropists Yosef and Penina Batsheva Popack, with the assistance of askan Reb Mendel Levin and the ‘Geder Avos’ organization.

The result of their efforts was the creation of a database where you can easily find most of the kvarim in this historic cemetery.

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