Dec 23, 2021

New From TheGenealogist: Pinpoint Ancestors Homes From the 1911 Census on Historic Maps

The following is an announcement written by TheGenealogist:

Travel back in time and locate an ancestor’s address from the 1911 England and Wales census using contemporary and georeferenced maps on’s Map Explorer™.

1911 census records identified on TheGenealogist’s Map Explorer™

This groundbreaking feature allows you to pin down your ancestors to properties on a contemporary map at the time of the census in 1911. With this feature family historians are able to walk the streets where their ancestors lived as not only can it be accessed on a computer but also on the move on a mobile phone!

This is an invaluable tool for house historians making it easier than ever to link census records to properties and complementing the already rich georeferenced Lloyd George Domesday Survey and Tithe records that are already available on TheGenealogist’s Map Explorer™.

For the first time the properties recorded in the 1911 census can now be matched with georeferenced mapping to show where our English or Welsh ancestors had lived at the time of the census taken on the night of the 2nd April 1911. The majority of London can be seen all the way down to property level, while the rest of the country will identify down to the parish, road or street.

With this new release, viewing a household record from the 1911 census will now show a map, pinpointing your ancestors house. Clicking this map loads the location in Map Explorer™, enabling you to explore the area and see the records of neighbouring properties.

Discover the neighbourhoods in which your ancestors lived, and gain an insight into their lives from local churches to employment prospects in the area and the roads, rail or water links that were available.

Read TheGenealogist’s article: Where did they live? – Mapping Your Ancestors home in 1911:–mapping-your-ancestors-home-in-1911-1513/

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