Aug 1, 2023

New Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy Explains Griffith’s Valuation has posted an advertisement for a book written by Brian Mitchell that will interest many genealogists with Irish ancestry. The advertisement states:

The vast majority of Irish census records prior to 1901 no longer exist. Consequently, as Brian Mitchell explains in his New Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy, census substitutes are of great importance to Irish researchers. Perhaps the most important, and certainly the most famous, substitute is Griffith’s Primary Valuation. Conducted between 1848 and 1864, the Valuation provides the amount of rates each household had to pay towards the support of the poor within their poor law union. Each Valuation names every head of household and occupier of land in Ireland, versus a townland or street address in Ireland. Griffith’s Valuation thus details the land occupier’s name; the landlord’s name; description of property; size of farm (if applicable); and ratable valuation of any buildings  and land.”

To read more, go to and then click on “View: New Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy.”

The book costs $17.95 (as an ebook) or $26.50 (as a paperback). 

As stated in the advertisement: “Enriched by the author’s experience as a professional geographer and leading Irish genealogical researcher, the New Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy is an invaluable tool for all those seeking Irish ancestors.”