Oct 5, 2021

New Relationship Diagram on MyHeritage

When you add people to your family tree, their relationships to you are calculated automatically. That relationship is then shown anywhere on the MyHeritage site where the names of your site members and people in your tree appear. In the past, you would see the relationship listed for that individual written out — such as a third cousin once removed, or a second cousin’s husband — but it was often difficult to visualize more complex relationships when you aren’t very familiar with all the people connecting you to this relative. 

With the recent release of the improved family tree on MyHeritage, we introduced a new relationship diagram that enables you to visualize your relationship to other people in the family tree and easily understand how you are related. The relationship diagram is accessible from the left-hand details panel in the family tree. 

The newly updated family tree, and in particular the new relationship diagram, have received high praise from our users since their release. 

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