Jun 23, 2023

New Resources in Finland’s National Library Search Service

The following is an announcement from the National Library of Finland:

As of June, the National Library of Finland search service can help you find manuscript and archival material as well as ephemera. As the library collections contain several kilometres of such resources, their comprehensive cataloguing is expected to take years. The bibliographic information available through the search service will increase gradually as the daily work of describing and cataloguing resources progresses.

The National Library catalogues manuscript and archival material as well as ephemera in its archiving system. In the future, bibliographic information on these resources can be found in the National Library search service. Such descriptive metadata have until now been available primarily in the library facilities, on index cards and in paper files.  

The work of describing manuscript and archival material begins with basic information, which is to be included in the search service this year. Next up, the work will concentrate on more in-depth data about individual manuscripts and documents. For the Ephemera Collection, the first resources to be described are from 1810 to 1944, with the work progressing systematically towards the present.

In the future, archival material can be requested for examination in the Special Collections Reading Room through the National Library search service. The delivery time is 48 hours.