Jan 6, 2023

New Social Media Platform Aims To Captures Your Legacy

Three years ago Matt Phillips experienced an incident where he faced his own mortality. 

Being a single father to his 9-year-old son Cooper and 5-year-old daughter Piper, he felt there needed to be a way for him to remain present in their lives, even if he passed away. For Phillips and many others, losing someone means losing their stories, wisdom, and pure essence.

That sentiment inspired his Raleigh-based startup, Project Transcend.

Billing itself as an “experience creation company,” Transcend aims to revolutionize social media by creating a mobile app that allows your life story and essence to live on. Through gathering photos, videos, audio, and ‘written moments,’ users can capture key moments and ultimately their legacy.

“It’s really focused around capturing your life story that entails the most impactful moments, meaningful memories, the things that really kind of define us and package them up in a way that you can pass them along over generations,” said Phillips, who is Project Transcend’s Founder and CEO.

He said it’s not just about the photos or videos we post. It’s sharing the story behind it that “captures the magic” in our lives.

You can read more in an article by Jackie Sizing published in the web site at:

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