Aug 17, 2022

New User-Friendly Website Highlights Alabama Department of Archives and History Resources

From an article by Bethany Davis and published in the web site:

A new website is up and running to make all of the resources the Alabama Department of Archives has to offer more easily accessible.

The website is the culmination of a multi-year project to improve and enhance the agency’s online presence.

“The creation of our new website took years of planning and development. I am grateful to our staff for their diligent work to ensure that the new site will be a useful resource for the public. I also want to thank the team at the Alabama Office of Information Technology for applying their technical expertise to building the site and its many custom databases and applications. Together, we have created an effective and attractive online presence to carry the Archives forward in an age when so much of our lives are spent online,” said ADAH Director Steve Murray.

The “Alabama History Hub” is a one-stop resource for K-12 educators in the classroom. The new website includes robust databases for conducting historical and genealogical research in the ADAH’s extensive archival collections. Those resources are curated by ADAH staff and include an events calendar for at-a-glance information about ADAH programs, a new database of retention schedules and other helpful resources on records management for state and local government offices.

You can read more and also watch a video at:

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