Memorial Day

May 25, 2019 Memorial Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I suppose it’s the genealogist in me that appreciates a holiday that celebrates ancestors, but even when I was a child, I loved Decoration Day, as we called it then.  School had always finished just a few days earlier, and Memorial Day […]

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The Marvels of Modern Transportation

May 17, 2019 Today (May 10) marks the 150th anniversary of the first transcontinental railroad line in the United States, and I’ve been thinking about how that event impacted the lives of our ancestors. Most of us probably think of modern transportation as including automobiles and jet airliners; we tend to think of trains as […]

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Want to Learn? Teach!

May 3, 2019 This week I’ve been spending some time preparing for an upcoming genealogy presentation in Estes Park.  As I’ve been tweaking PowerPoint slides and verifying that the facts and figures I’m citing are accurate, I’ve realized that by giving a presentation, I’m learning more than anyone who watches it ever will.  That got […]

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