Non-Population Schedules and State Censuses

December 4, 2020 This week I want to finish up with my review of the censuses by talking a bit about non-population schedules and state censuses. These records are often overlooked but can add “flesh to the bones” of a family story by giving details about individuals and the communities they lived in.   Non-population […]

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Differences in Various Censuses

November 27, 2020 The last couple of weeks I’ve written about census records, and today I want to continue on that theme by discussing the differences between the various United States Censuses. Although all of the censuses were meant to enumerate the population of the United States at a specific date, the censuses varied on […]

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Finding Census Records for Ancestors

November 20, 2020 Last week I wrote about census records in general; this week I thought I would delve more specifically into finding someone in censuses.   As I wrote last week, finding ancestors in the various censuses can prove tricky. However, the vast majority of our ancestors really were enumerated all those years ago; […]

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