Revisiting Census Records

November 13, 2020 One of the first records that new genealogists turn to are census records and for good reason. American census records are the bedrock of genealogical research in the United States. In spite of that, many of us take census records for granted. After all, they’re easily found on almost any genealogical website […]

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Using Scholarly Genealogical Journals

November 6, 2020 Last week I discussed the use of periodicals to advance genealogical research, but this week I want to focus specifically on one type of genealogical journal not often used by the average, hobbyist genealogist. These are the more scholarly quarterlies such as the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, The American Genealogist, the New […]

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Do You Use PERSI?

October 30, 2020 Do you use the Periodical Source Index (usually referred to as PERSI) in your genealogical research? If you’re like many folks, the answer is probably no. That’s too bad because periodicals are one of the best ways to take your research to the next level since genealogical periodicals can contain information found […]

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