Dec 7, 2021

Next Level of DNA Analysis Allows Police to Build Picture of Suspects

Police departments around the world have used DNA to help solve crimes. In most cases, the police compare DNA information with similar information stored in huge databases of other people’s DNA info. However, a new method is gaining in popularity: It doesn’t have any matching profiles in police databases but, using analysis of the genetic material, the police departments still find suspects in an investigation.

It sounds like something you might see in a science fiction movie, but the technology is now available to law enforcement agencies like the Australian Federal Police – a powerful new tool for investigators.

Police say the technology, called “massively parallel sequencing”, is more powerful than current DNA profiling methods available to police and can provide more exact detail.

It examines what is known as the nucleotide base sequence in the DNA – the base code for all living things. By using analysis of genetic material, the policed now can deduce the gender, ancestry, eye color and hair color of the potential suspect in the investigation.

While this method does not identify individual suspects, it greatly narrows the list of possible suspects.

You can learn more about what police in Australia are doing with DNA in an article by Fergus Hunter published in The Sydney Morning Herald at

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