Mar 1, 2021

Offer Extended: Upload Your DNA Information to MyHeritage for Free Access to All DNA Features

Last week I wrote about a fascinating new bit of technology called Deep Nostalgia™, a groundbreaking new photo feature on MyHeritage that allows you to animate the faces of your loved ones in still photos. This new addition to MyHeritage’s suite of photo tools produces a realistic depiction of how a person from an old photo could have moved and looked if they were captured on video.

That article is still available at and it points to a couple of links on that offer all the details. One part of the announcement was an offer to upload your DNA data (even if it was the results of tests performed by a different company.) In return, you will be given “free access to all DNA features on MyHeritage — forever!”

This was planned to be a limited time offer. However, yesterday the folks at MyHeritage extended the “limited time offer” even more:

“Due to the enthusiastic response to our week-long offer to waive the unlock fee on the advanced DNA features for uploaded DNA, we have decided to extend the offer another week!

“Now those of you who haven’t yet uploaded your DNA data to MyHeritage and enjoyed free access to all DNA features — including the brand-new Genetic Groups — will have another chance!”

The announcement also states:

“However, we are waiving that fee for an additional week, from March 1–7, 2021. Users who upload their DNA data this week will receive free access to all DNA features on MyHeritage — forever!”

Yes, you now have another chance to upload your DNA data (even if created by one other DNA testing service) and “receive free access to all DNA features on MyHeritage — forever!

The latest announcement, along with the details, may be found at:

Remember, this offer will only last through March 7, 2021.