Jul 4, 2022

Offline Editing Is Coming to Office Files in Google Docs — Here’s How to Use It

Microsoft’s Office Productivity software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) is both high-priced and bloated. Now it is also becoming obsolete, being replaced by free or low-priced software that accomplishes the same things. Most notable among the newer products is Google Docs.

Google Docs is getting the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents while offline, essentially paving the way for you to fully ditch any reliance on Microsoft’s productivity software.

Google’s latest blog entry has confirmed Google Workspace, the suite that includes Google Docs, Drive, Sheets and more, now has the ability to edit Office files without being connected to the internet.

While Microsoft Office files have been compatible with Google Workspace without having to convert any filetypes, the option to work on your files offline is not to be sniffed at. That’s because productivity shouldn’t be reliant on an internet connection, regardless of what kind of file you’re actually using at the time.

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