Feb 17, 2023

Presidential Ancestry

With Presidents’ Day in the U.S. this week, this is a good time to look at the ancestry of the U.S. presidents. After all, if your ancestors have been in the U.S. for 100 years or more, there is a strong possibility that your ancestry intersects with at least one of the U.S. presidents. The same can be said for many others of Canadian, British, Scottish, or Irish ancestry, as well as a few from the European continent. 

You can find many sources of information about U.S. presidential genealogy. Probably the most scholarly resource is Gary Boyd Roberts’ book, Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States

The Web is full of information about U.S. presidential ancestry, but with varying degrees of accuracy. Here is a list of some of those pages:

Presidential Genealogy and Family History: 

Ancestry of George W. Bush:

Ancestry of George Washington:

Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln:

Ancestry of John F. Kennedy:

Ancestry of Richard Nixon:

Ancestry of Lyndon B. Johnson:

Ancestry of Gerald Ford:

Ancestry of Jimmy Carter:

Ancestry of Ronald Reagan:

Ancestry of George H. W. Bush:

Ancestry of Bill Clinton:

Ancestry of George W. Bush:

Ancestry of Barack Obama;

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