Sep 8, 2015

Privacy Issues for Family Historians

(Dick Eastman’s Daily Newsletter · September 7, 2015)

The MyHeritage Blog has published an article I wrote: Privacy Issues for Family Historians. It discusses some of the things genealogists need to be aware of before publishing their family trees online. As I wrote at the beginning of the article:

“Genealogists often face conflicting requirements. We want to publish our own family information online in hopes that others will see it and recognize connections to their own family. Those other genealogists then can contact us, and we can collaborate to expand the known family trees of each of us. The problem is that today’s news is full of alarming articles about identity theft, fraud, and similar illegal acts. While some of the news articles describe real threats, others are published as “scare tactics” that magnify smaller issues to sound as if there are imminent dangers for all of us. Alarmist articles often strike unnecessary fear into the hearts of those who do not understand the difference between major and minor threats.”

You can read the entire article at Privacy Issues Article.