Jun 4, 2021

(+) Protecting Your Genealogy Records from Natural Disasters

he following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman. 

This time of year is stressful for genealogists who live in areas where hurricanes are an issue. The hurricane season in the southeastern United States last from June 1st through November 30. High winds, flooding, downed trees, and more are common. During hurricanes, the news media often reports numerous cases of homes and the contents of homes that were damaged or destroyed.

The hurricanes of recent years should teach all of us many lessons. One lesson concerns preparedness; waiting until a hurricane is bearing down on you is not the time to start planning!

Of course, hurricanes are not the only disasters we face. Other parts of the nation face tornadoes, wildfires, flooding, and other threats. While not as common in the U.S., I well remember the 1980 volcano explosion of Mount Saint Helens.

Some years ago I remember watching a television news story from California when a reporter interviewed a woman in front of her burning home during a wild fire that leveled the entire neighborhood. The woman was obviously crying and, when asked about her losses, she moaned that she had lost years of genealogy work in the flames.

Widespread disasters are not the only threat to your genealogy records. Of course, anyone can suffer from a burst water pipe or even a local fire that ruins documents, photographs, fabrics, and many other precious items.

You may be covered by homeowners insurance, but have you “insured” your many hours of genealogy searches? If a disaster does strike, will you be able to replace your genealogy records once you get your life back in order?

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