Sep 27, 2022

Queen Camilla, Celine Dion, Madonna and Beyonce Are Cousins

The genealogy of Camilla Parker-Bowles, a well-born British aristocrat, is extensive and known. But the moment she became Queen consort, the ancestor tree of King Charles III’s wife became even more interesting for genealogists!, one of the main online companies working on family ancestry as well as DNA testing, has 18.5 billion digitized historical documents relating to the whole world. And overpowered algorithms that can penetrate far into the archives and unearth nuggets for everyone. And so for Camilla…

“As soon as the accession to the throne of Prince Charles and Camilla was confirmed, we embarked on a survey of his ancestors. Because we always find interesting things whether we are famous or not elsewhere!”, explains Marie Cappart, Country Manager for Belgium and genealogist of Expert of the British royal family, she has built a breathtaking family tree by taking a closer look at the different branches of the prestigious tree. To find lots of interesting and fun information too.

You can read the details in an article by Helen Hernandez published in the web site at:

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