Feb 2, 2023

Queen Camilla Replies to Collector Who Found Her Ancestor’s Photo

Queen Camilla traveled back into the past with a little help from a historian — and had something funny to say about it!

The Queen Consort, 75, surprised Adam Simpson-York, who runs the Facebook page Medals Going Home, with a personal thank-you note. Simpson-York had recently mailed Buckingham Palace a photo he found on eBay of Queen Camilla’s ancestor, her great-great-grandmother Edrica Faulkner, and he was delighted to receive a reply from the royal.

“Many thanks for the photograph of my great, great-grandmother. It is the first time I have ever seen her picture, I must say she looks a bit sad in it!” the Queen Consort wrote. “With best wishes, Camilla,” she signed the note on Clarence House stationery, stamped with her new royal cypher.

Simpson-York said he was thrilled to receive such a genuine reply from the royal after mailing in the picture on Jan. 4.

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