Dec 7, 2022

Qwant: The Search Engine That Doesn’t Know Anything About You

Are you fed up with search engines that search your searches to determine and save whatever it is you are searching for. For search engines that also offer email services (such as Google/Gmail), are you also fed up with those companies reading your email to collect all sorts of personal information about you, and selling that information to anyone who will pay for it? (Such as various political parties, foreign governments, hackers, merchants, and more?)

If so, let me introduce you to Qwant.

Yes, stop using Google or Bing or other shady search engines. Start using in their place.

An Alternative Made in France That Implements European Legislation

Qwant advertises:

Qwant Search: The search engine that doesn’t know anything about you, and that changes everything: zero tracing of your searches, zero personal data use, zero targeted advertising.

At Qwant, we don’t know who you are. We don’t target you with ads or keep your search history. Because your age, gender, and interests belong only to you. And so with each new search request, you get a blank page to begin anew.

Being informed should not turn you into a Click Machine. Turning our users into click machines goes against our ethics. That’s why, at Qwant, we don’t track advertising or analyze your personal data. Qwant puts aside the algorithms that pre-format the web and turn you into a commodity.

By not tracking our users, our search engine offers you a completely unfiltered overview of the Internet and guarantees neutral results. Your search results are never locked into certainties. Thus, your previous searches don’t influence the results of your next ones.

Qwant does not place any advertising cookies in your browser. Therefore, any advertisements that appear during your browsing will be linked to your search keywords, and not to your user profile.

Nowadays it is common to refer to data as, “black gold”. Not at Qwant. We don’t sell your data to third-party organizations, for advertising or for any other purposes.

Qwant Maps: The map service that finds the right addresses and guides you around without tracking you. (I am not sure how often the maps are updated. For instance, it doesn’t show the street where I live. Admittedly, I live in a housing development that was only created about 3 years ago and new streets are still being established today.)

Qwant Junior: The only secure search engine designed for children’s learning and their parents’ peace of mind.

Qwant is always available thanks to the Qwant mobile app (mobile apps are available on Google Play and on the Apple App Store).

Qwant is based in France. In order to respect the French and European legislative frameworks, Qwant thoroughly incorporates the RGPD. We respect all fundamental rights, including the right to be forgotten, which gives you the possibility to have your data deleted.

All in all, Qwant looks like a winner! I am using Qwant nowadays and, so far, I am very happy with it.

I suggest you try it out for yourself. You can do so by going to:

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