Jan 17, 2022

Root & Seed App and Podcast Helps Families Hold on to Their History

Three years ago, Anika Chabra lost her mother. But she lost something else, too. “With her passing, many of the stories and traditions that were unique to her and our family vanished in an instant,” Chabra says. “That made us realize that we can’t wait until tomorrow to start capturing and reflecting on our family’s stories.”

Chabra wanted to create a platform to help people document and celebrate their culture, and turned to a co-worker in the advertising industry, Jennifer Siripong Mandel, to do it with her. The pair’s brainchild: The Root & Seed Conversation Tool web app (at helps people celebrate their family traditions, culture and roots. “We recognized that we all have family stories that are worth knowing, and traditions that we should record, but not many of us do it (or not), at least until it’s (almost) too late,” Siripong Mandel says. They knew that getting elders excited about the process was key. “Since elders are such a critical part of family stories, we focused on their needs. We learned that asking them to download and install mobile apps was too big a barrier, so our tool is a web app,” Siripong Mandel says. “All you need is a smartphone and the internet to make it work. The interface and functionality is super-simple, by design.”

You can learn more in an article by Briony Smith published in the Hamilton Spectator web site at:

The Root & Seed Conversation Tool is available at: