Feb 14, 2022

Rootine Uses Your DNA to Build a Personalized Multivitamin

I have no idea if this is a valuable product or if it is based on a fallacy. However, the announcement is interesting, to say the least. The following is an excerpt from a (sponsored article) at:

“Rootine understands the multi-nutrient is only effective when it’s addressing what that specific user needs. That’s why the company devised a process to create bespoke nutrient supplements engineered for each individual user, augmenting natural vitamins and minerals their unique body needs to best optimize their health.

“Unlike other services offering customized supplements, Rootine goes even deeper, using lifestyle factors in conjunction with DNA, blood levels, and even artificial intelligence to create a personalized daily multi-nutrient formula that best addresses each person’s distinctive biology.

“After taking Rootine’s short lifestyle assessment covering your health goals, current lifestyle choices, and more, its process devised by expert geneticists and supplement technicians gets even more granular. Users submit a DNA sample for testing or even their own blood to help get the most precisely accurate picture of their particular metabolism.

“For users who recently did bloodwork through their doctor or received DNA results from a service like, those results can be submitted straight to Rootine, saving customers the cost of those added tests.”

You can read the familiar article at: