Jul 29, 2021

Santa Barbara Genealogical Society’s Sahyun Library Reopening Aug. 3

The Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society will reopen the Sahyun Library on Tuesday, Aug. 3, following over a year-long closure due to the pandemic. The library is at 316 Castillo St., Santa Barbara.

“Someday we’ll look back on this Covid year as a minor interruption in our lives,” said Art Sylvester, Society Board co-president. “But in the short term, it has been a great disruption in the operation and services our Sahyun Library provides for our genealogical society members.”

While society meetings and genealogical presentations were provided online via Zoom over the past year, members are looking forward to gathering in person and assisting each other and the community with research.

“I have a ton of questions and hints from my genealogy work during this pandemic,” said Bob Basen, board co-president. “I can hardly wait for the Sahyun Library to open to seek these answers, and to see some old friends who can help me.”

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